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J200 IFS N4 Front bumper

Monobloc bumper made of steel. Very usueful for an off-road use of the VDJ200 due to its fragile original bumper. Thanks to its angles, this bumper makes extreme off roading easier. Can receive an electrical winch tranks to an optional plate. (not accredited)
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Winch plate N4 bumper J200

Console for electrical winch to mount on a VDJ200 off road bumper.
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N4 Front bumper HDJ80 (compatible with OEM mechanical winch)

Monobloc bumper made of steel, can be matched with versions VX and GX of J8s (HDJ80,HZJ80,FZJ80...). Thanks to its angles, it makes off roading easier. Can receive an electrical winch. Compatible with the original mecanical winch (although a cut, indicated in the instructions, will be needed) Black epoxy paint (any other color can be (...)
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