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Ratchet strap (5m 800kg)

Ratchet Strap 25mm 5m (800kg). Essential inside the vehicle for the lashing and the maintaining. Cliquet efficace pour un serrage performant. Efficient ratchet for an efficient tightening. Assembled in France.
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Ratchet strap with hook (5m 800kg)

Ratchet Strap 25mm 5m, in two parts with hooks. Essential inside the vehicle for the lashing or the maintaining. Can be used for the inside or outisde Assembled in France.
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Cam strap (3m 250kg)

Maintaining strap or ratchet strap with cam buclke, 25mm 3m. Fast Tightening and untightening. excellent quality strap. Assembled in france.
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Accessories universal support in the engine compartment J8 (LHD)

Support allowing the installation of equipments (compressor, alarm...) or storage space in the engine compartment bitween the air filter and the bulkhead. Suitable for all the Toyotas J8 without ABS (HDJ80,HZJ80,FZJ80) with driving on the left side. Mounting on existing anchorings, does not include any modification on the vehicle. (...)
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AERO rail double round ring stud

Rail double round ring stud Ø38 for system "Aero". Breaking point at 2250daN.
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AERO rail double pear ring stud

Rail double stud with "pear" ring for system Aero"; Breaking point 2250daN
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AERO rail double stud

Rail double stud for "Aero" system. Breaking point 1750daN
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