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Kit reinforcements torsion bar anchors

to weld for LC100 - LC500 - J100 IFS
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Rear panhard ajustable rod J100/J8/HZJ105

On 4WD equipped with an upraised suspension, the back axle is not aligned to the body axle, this adjustable panhard rod allows to fix the alignment. Adapted for J100, J80, J105 (( HDJ100, HZJ105, HZJ80, HDJ80,...)
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Front differential drop kit LC100/LC500/J100 IFS

On J100 IFS (LC500, LC100, HZJ100,...) equipped with a lifted suspension, the axle shafts is not aligned to the body axle. It can lead to a premature wear (or breach) of the axle shafts. This kit alloxs to reposition the front differential, 20mm lower which corrects the axle shafts alignment. Full kit includes beam, aluminium spacer, screws (...)
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Shock canister mounting kit (pair) to screw or weld

Pair of holders to install shock absorber canister. The mounting can be done by welding or screwing. Delivered with canister’s hlding collars.
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Special front anti roll bars mounting kit J12 (for big shocks)

When mounting a front shock absorber (bigger size), the stabilizer bar can come in contact with it. N4-offroad offers a kit that allows to move the front stabilizer bar forward to keep a clear space.
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Front U-bolt skid-plates J4 (set)

_Leaf spring’s front U-bolt skid plate that protects locknuts and ends of the leaves, it also makes off roading easier.
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