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Select the brand and model of your 4WD vehicle and view the corresponding parts.

Front skid-plates RZR1000XP / 1000 turbo

8mm Aluminum Front Protection Shoe / Ski For added protection of the front end when boarding obstacles. Fixing without modification. Drain hole of the front bridge. Supplied complete with screws and instructions.
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Adjustable seat console (comp RECARO, Sparco) RZR800/900/1000

Adjustable seat console to install easily a RECARO or SPARCO seat. With or without slider track Delivered complete with screws and bolts Adjustable seat console thanks to the original system
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Protection de radiateur RZR800/900/1000

Grille de protection métallique du radiateur, Protège très efficacement le radiateur des projections S’installe en lieu et place del à grille plastique d’origine.
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Center skid plate RZR1000 xp / 1000 turbo 4pl

Ventral protection in black HDPE of 10mm thick for RZR1000 4 places. It offers optimum protection and a perfect glide. Made in 2 parts, the handling is easier for the maintenance of your RZR 1000. Fixing in many points without modification of the vehicle. HDPE absorbs noise from projection impacts Spatulas front and back to facilitate the (...)
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Protections plancher latéraux RZR800 (paire)

Protection aluminium 5mm des planchers latéraux. Le montage se réalise à partir de notre protection centrale en PEHD
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Seat adaptor plate RZR800/900/1000

seat adaptor plate to install a seat on a RZR800/900/1000 Delivered complete with screws and bolts Adapation might be necessary according to the seat
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Platine de siège à adapter RZR800/900/1000

Console de siège fixe pour réaliser l’installation d’un siège sur RZR, Livrée complète avec visserie, notice,... Adaptation nécessaire en fonction du siège
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central skid-plate RZR570/800

Whole body protection made of PHD 10mm for a perfect sliding
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